Joie de Vivre

As it may have been apparent in my previous post, 2016 saw me lose a lot of joie de vivre (French for ‘joy of living’ / ‘cheerful enjoyment of life’). I was utterly busy yet numbed, bored, and occasionally hopeless. The exhaustion left me very little to enjoy anything else. People tell me I work […]

Transition Diaries Entry #1028: New Chapter

It is time to turn the page. Today, I started work with an organization helping children who have been neglected, abandoned, physically/sexually abused, living in the streets, or subjected to child labor, trafficking and other forms of exploitation. I am tasked to help manage the psychological care for these kids, who currently number to a […]

Taking Heart

I’ve read from somewhere that as an alternative to making New Year’s resolutions, you can instead pick a single word for the year ahead. I think it’s called a ‘power-word’ or something to that effect. I’m not sure exactly what the word is meant to be or do, but I take it to be something […]