Reasons to Stay Alive: 5 Lessons on Depression

trigger warning: depression, suicide “So what, you have a label? ‘Depressive’. Everyone would have a label if they asked the right professional.” ~ Matt Haig Today, I wanna share with you things I’ve learned from Matt Haig‘s infinitely important book, Reasons to Stay Alive. Matt himself lived through depression and came terrifyingly close to attempting suicide. […]

Away, Against, Toward: The 3 Neurotic Trends

A child is small. It starts out life mostly dependent on others for survival, essentially helpless and at the mercy of the people around him. … Now, to this child one of two things may happen. On the one hand, the child may experience genuine warmth and affection from his parents. This satisfies the child’s […]

God & Religion, Depression & Suicide

trigger warning: depression, suicide The recent suicide of a young Filipina artist has been publicized through a post on Facebook. The post compiles an image of her last artwork (which depicted an apparent suicide), some of her selfies, and screenshots of her Facebook posts that expressed feelings of loneliness and pain, words about depression, and […]

10 Must-See TED Talks on Mental Health/Illness

Hi, how’s your mental health? This compilation lists talks that offer tips on how to better care for your mental health, allow an inside look at mental illness, and challenge society to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues. These are the talks that have inspired me, and are continuing to inspire me, as a […]

A Delete Button on Mental Illness

If there were a delete button on mental illness, would you press it? I’m asking this because I am still bothered by a question I was asked several months ago. I was giving a mental health awareness talk in one of the colleges here, and during the open forum, one student asked me: “If there […]

If Emotions Were My Friends

The six basic human emotions are: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, fear. Now, if these emotions were my friends, they would be personified as thus— … Happiness would be a guy—effervescent, charming, Golden Boy. Now this boy, I love having around (as does everyone else). But Happiness is not the type who likes to stay […]

When Others Succeed: Envy and Other Taboo Attitudes

We’ve all got this one friend. The one who seems to have gotten it all figured out. The one who’s got life down pat, who succeeds at just about every endeavor he pursues, who goes from Point A to Point B of his perfectly planned life without so much as ruffling his collar. The one […]

Memory Marvels: People Who Can’t Forget

“Invalid username or password. Please try again.” For the nth time, I see this line, bold, red, and menacing on the computer screen. I was trying to log in to a long-unopened web account, and yet again I have forgotten either the password or the username I had used to sign up to it (and […]

Detecting Deception: A Crash Course on Lie-Spotting

How do you know if someone is lying? This is one of the most common questions people expect psychology to be able to answer. Being the study of the mind and behavior, psychology is counted on by many people to teach them the cues to look for in order to identify instances of deception. Later […]

When Good People Do Bad Things: The Dark Side in Everyone

Human beings are a perplexing species. On one end of the spectrum, we see the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama, leaders who have determinedly advocated the principle of non-violence and championed the art of peaceful protest even in the face of oppressive forces. But shift your focus to the other end of […]