10 Must-See TED Talks on Mental Health/Illness

Hi, how’s your mental health? This compilation lists talks that offer tips on how to better care for your mental health, allow an inside look at mental illness, and challenge society to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues. These are the talks that have inspired me, and are continuing to inspire me, as a […]

Noisy Silence

Why don’t we just say what we want to say and ask the questions we want to ask? … We rather the silence, even if it’s the noisy kind. … See, there are 9 kinds of silence, as Paul Goodman outlined in his book Speaking and Language: “Not speaking and speaking are both human ways of […]

The Vacancy of Leaving

Do they have a word for the vacancy you feel after leaving? … I’ve just woken up from a dream. I am still feeling a little shaken and a lot sad. And I am currently thinking, What the fvck kind of headspace am I in? I dreamed that I was back in a familiar place, […]

If Emotions Were My Friends

The six basic human emotions are: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, fear. Now, if these emotions were my friends, they would be personified as thus— … Happiness would be a guy—effervescent, charming, Golden Boy. Now this boy, I love having around (as does everyone else). But Happiness is not the type who likes to stay […]

La Belle Indifférence

There’s this concept in psychology I was fascinated to learn about. Conversion disorder is a condition in which an individual experiences a loss of some sensory or motor function (e.g. blindness or paralysis) but with no demonstrable medical evidence for the disability (e.g. upon examination, the eyes are perfectly free from defect, but the person is truly […]