The Art of Risking It

I’ve learned that you’d have to spend a great deal of time by yourself—without other people to distract you—in order to get to know who you really are. It is very scary. The journey into the self is just about the most terrifying thing one can go through. How sure are you that you won’t […]

The Jonah Complex: Why You’ll Never Be Your Best Self

As humans, we all have needs. And these needs are pretty much the same for all humans across different times and cultures—from the basic-order needs of air, water, food, shelter, and safety, to the higher-order needs of love, belongingness, and esteem. These human needs and the sequence with which people go about meeting them are […]

Discovering Your Niche: Are You a Fish Trying to Climb a Tree?

Suppose you’re about to assemble a new piece of equipment. It’s the first time you’re ever going to do it and there’s a big box of equipment parts before you, waiting to be joined together to create something functional. How do you approach the task? You fish out the instruction manual from the box, sit […]

Those Pages You Will Throw Out

“…And you don’t care about those first three pages; those you will throw out, those you needed to write to get to that fourth page, to get to that one long paragraph that was what you had in mind when you started, only you didn’t know that, couldn’t know that, until you got to it.”—Anne […]