Untitled #1

I have the words shattered about me
I have to pick them up and
Line them up, one by one
But the rhythm, it won’t find me.

Is it the pace of this world,
Is it the choices I’m making?
I can’t quite place it
But I must be missing something.

I am spent and still spending,
I have toiled and am still toiling
I have dreamt and am still dreaming
I must be missing something.

Slow down, a moment—
Take a look one more time

It is not the words you’re missing
It’s the will to try again
It is not the rhythm you’re losing
It’s the song you’re refusing to sing

Back up a little
Gather the pieces one by one

There must be something you’re missing

But you’ll find it
in due time. ♦

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2 thoughts on “Untitled #1

  1. I love this poem. It absolutely resonates with me. It must be because like you, I’m a Psychologist wannabe (but I’m not studying Psychology). 🙂 What a fantastic poem! Thank you.


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