Private Storms

Hush now, darling, the worst is over.
The storm is done and out.

Water’s sliding down the drain
or up, up, up, evaporating.

Look anew at the world around you,
is it not fresh and light, renewed?

Look again at the child behind you,
Is she not stronger, wiser now?

Look now, right here, the mirror waits
Are your eyes still not puffy enough?

Hush now, darling, life is never fair.
The smile you fight to keep amidst
the tears is proof
you’re fighting this battle again.

Didn’t they tell you?
The scars, they never really heal.
But you don’t need
to hide them all—
they’re proof you’ve fought
and won.
Wear them proudly
like custom-made tattoos
and tell the others,
tell them all—

I’ve endured this much,
yet I’ve plowed on.
The struggle didn’t break me;

it made me.

Gather back the pieces now;
the storm has come and went.

The time is ripe
to rebuild your life.

So hush now, darling, the worst is over.
And the best is yet to come. ♦

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