The Anti-Cinderella Campaign

“Anti-Cinderella.” — I was engaged in a conversation with an American UN Peace Corps Volunteer for Education in my high school alma mater when I first heard of this term. She, an enthusiastic woman whose advocacy is creative writing, was relating to me how surprised she was to find that storytelling activities at the high school level […]

Once Upon a Tragedy: A PhotoStory of When Haiyan Struck the Philippines

Once upon a time, somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea… …there lay a unique archipelago named the Philippines. • • • It boasted of pristine white-sand beaches with clear blue waters… …abundant natural resources found nowhere else in the world… …and picturesque sunsets of the kind that’ll take your breath away.  • • • But despite […]

Me, Three Minutes, and a Microphone

“To escape fear, you have to go through it, not around.” ~ Richie Norton It happened eight years ago, yet I could still remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was seated up on a stage along with eight other fellow high school students, forming a line which might as well would’ve been […]