To Things That Stay the Same

It’s 2018, but there’s a girl that still prints out pictures like they do in the 90s, and gives them to people, or keeps them for future use in a scrapbook she still intends to fill.  She still keeps handwritten letters, and sometimes makes them, too. She still stores a box of keepsakes from 1990 […]


17 Lessons from 2017

I scavenged my Journal for things I learned this year, and here’s what I found (entry dates in parentheses): “I am starting to see that the key thing—the key process—is forgiveness. The world is cold and dark and unfair and judgmental and bitter, and at some point you shall become all of these things too. […]

Joie de Vivre

As it may have been apparent in my previous post, 2016 saw me lose a lot of joie de vivre (French for ‘joy of living’ / ‘cheerful enjoyment of life’). I was utterly busy yet numbed, bored, and occasionally hopeless. The exhaustion left me very little to enjoy anything else. People tell me I work […]

Taking Heart

I’ve read from somewhere that as an alternative to making New Year’s resolutions, you can instead pick a single word for the year ahead. I think it’s called a ‘power-word’ or something to that effect. I’m not sure exactly what the word is meant to be or do, but I take it to be something […]