Safe Spaces

Last night, I stayed over at my sister’s place. At dawn this morning, as I lay awake in bed (my body clock is awfully messed up, so I had actually been awake since midnight), I saw my 7-year-old niece standing just at the door of the room where I slept. She was peeking in, obviously […]


A Visit to the Orphanage

We went to an orphanage last weekend. In that shelter, there were teenagers, school-aged children, pre-schoolers, toddlers, infants. There were babies as young as 3 weeks old. … There was a mix of personalities and temperaments in that place. Some kids smiled a lot and were bubbly and energetic, while others were shy and awfully […]

For Lola Rosie

“Out of the veeery long reading I did today, the bottomline of what I learned is this: Intelligence is highly heritable, and personality is moderately heritable,” I declared as I sat down for dinner with my mother earlier this evening. … I had just finished reading two chapters on genetics and hereditary influences on human […]