I am on a plateau.

Flat ground.

There is both nothing,

and everything here.


I think I preferred it

when I was climbing a mountain,

or sliding down a valley.

At least then I knew

where I was supposed to be going–




But flat ground—

I could do either nothing

or everything here.

Go right, go left

Forward, backward


Jump up,

stoop down,

stay down.


It’s paralyzing,

it’s frenzying.


I am on a plateau.


Do I do nothing,

or everything? ◊

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” ~ Paulo Coelho

untitled plateau

Image courtesy of abare13 [CC BY-NC 2.0]

This entry is part of my undertaking a 30-day challenge Matt Cutts talked about at TED2011. The premise is to “think about something you’ve always wanted to add to your life and try it for the next 30 days.” I am challenging myself to post one blog entry a day for 30 consecutive days.

Today is Day 10.

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2 thoughts on “Plateau

  1. Well spoken young lady…now just ask your heart. Nothing can come into your life until you let something go…both require change ❤ 😀
    Does the universe cheat? Most certainly, otherwise we would take neither step, comfortable in our own misery 😀

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