Things I Know How to Do

spot figures formed by clouds • speak in front of large crowds • make a ‘banana’ out of a hanky • fold a T-shirt origami • name all the months with 30 days • say “I love you” in at least 5 ways • win a Minesweeper game in 2 seconds • sleep all day under palm fronds • fold my tongue into a three-petaled flower • bruise myself while turning a corner • spell HELLO on a calculator • say “Goodbye, see you never” • put icing on a cake • ruminate as I lie awake • tie a neat square knot • act okay though I’m not • wait in line for 10 hours • build tall Lego towers • write letters that will make people smile • write letters that will make people cry • preserve the petals of the first rose you gave me • ignore the messages that you send me • buy a book and then never read it • imagine conversations as I sit • crochet a doily • play the organ poorly • dress a bleeding wound • convince myself I am doomed • type without looking at the keyboard • keep a thorough class record • deliver a baby • obsess over a maybe • teach courses I was never taught • not wear the clothes my mother bought • make fancy wedding invitations • flee from threatening situations • roam the mall for a day and never buy anything • make a joke in my head and then start laughing • find the perfect gift • keep my mind adrift • go to work on a sick day • be lost then find my way • give advice I don’t follow • smile to people I don’t know • list things I know how to do • wait until I meet you.

On the flipside: Things I Don’t Know How to Do

This entry is part of my undertaking a 30-day challenge Matt Cutts talked about at TED2011. The premise is to “think about something you’ve always wanted to add to your life and try it for the next 30 days.” I am challenging myself to post one blog entry a day for 30 consecutive days.

Today is Day 6.

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