To Things That Stay the Same

It’s 2018, but there’s a girl that still prints out pictures like they do in the 90s, and gives them to people, or keeps them for future use in a scrapbook she still intends to fill.  She still keeps handwritten letters, and sometimes makes them, too. She still stores a box of keepsakes from 1990 onwards, listens to Michael Learns to Rock, daydreams too much, and plans too little. She reads far too many pages in bookshops, without buying the books, as if she’s still a kid in the library her mother worked at when she was seven. She overstays her welcome in coffee shops, where she writes too many random things on scrap paper, as if she’s still practicing to be a writer one day.


It’s 2018, and a lot has changed. But there are things that stay the same, and upon closer inspection, these things are our becoming. It’s a paradox, the way we grow not into new people, but ultimately back into the people we truly, originally were. It’s as if truly growing as a person doesn’t mean an adding of new things and new frills, but a shedding of layers to reveal a core that’s always been there.

It’s interesting how we all want to talk about change every time a new year comes around, when the things that have truly mattered in our lives are the ones that have stayed the same, all these years.

May the coming year see you become the person you’ve always been. Happy New Year 🙂

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5 thoughts on “To Things That Stay the Same

  1. I love journals and I collect them.My thick one is about half-full and my daughter again gave me a lovely planner from Bank of PI.

    Like you, I write notes on scratch paper and if I am not busy transfer them to my journal.

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