Traffic Lights

I’ve taken a liking to spending my afternoons alone at coffee shops. I think I am beginning to learn how to slow down and breathe. There will always be things to cross out on my to-do list. These days I take time to actually savor life a little better, to experience life “sip by sip,” as it were.


I usually choose to sit by the glass panes where the world outside is in plain view. At the moment, I am looking at a road intersection. Cars and PUVs bustle by, but with an order. The traffic lights direct their flow. Stop. Go. Ready. When two lanes intersect at a right angle, only one of them can go at a time. Stop, Go. Ready. Maybe in life it is the same principle.


No two roads intersecting at a right angle can go together.

One has to wait.

They say there is wisdom in waiting for the right time. Trouble is, in life we don’t really have traffic lights to tell us when to go, when to stop, when to get ready. As a result, cars run into each other all the time. Crash.


Or maybe in life there are traffic lights, if we are wise or keen enough to see.

What are they telling me now?

And in what direction?

Stop, Go. Ready. ♣

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