Blank Pages Ahead


The start of the new school year is just around the corner. This time, I will be teaching full-time, which translates to I need to brace myself for a bloodbath. So before the onslaught commences, I am doing some prepping. I spent the day organizing documents, putting things in their proper places, and throwing out A LOT of stuff—used papers and pens that no longer work, mostly. Doing so made me realize how much I’ve been hoarding, how many of the things I have kept for ages I don’t actually need anymore, and how so many papers filed away in my drawers are no longer useful except as scratch pads. Seriously, I have like 3 ½ reams (about to be 4, as I am about to sift through yet another stack of documents) of scratch papers at the moment.


I am pleased to have cleared out so much stuff, to make room for new things. It occurs to me, now more than ever, that this truly is a new life I am living. So many challenges lie ahead, and I know I have so much to learn and so many adjustments to make.


But oh, the  p – o – s – s – i – b – i – l – i – t – i – e – s.


I realize, also, that though I feel like I am barely getting any (much-deserved) rest, this is no time to stop. In fact, I’ve only just begun.

The pages of the next chapter are waiting, all still blank.

I am, all at once, excited.intrigued.eager.thrilled.worried.scared.terrified.

Blank pages are, after all, both inviting and daunting at the same time.

But oh, how I dare to write.

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