Attempts at Love Poetry

In my Journal, this set of words is written under the heading “Words that Came to Me,” stuff that came to me out of nowhere, or somewhere, and labeled with the date they popped in my head. I don’t know if these were meant to be poetry, but I know somehow they were meant to be written, for someone, or no one.

“We are both speaking in signs
and I could only hope
we mean the same thing.”
– undated

“Last night, my dear,
I dreamed of you,
the first, I know, of many.”
– 03/09/2014

“The first time I heard your voice,
I swear the thought that came to me
was that I might like to listen to it
– 03/20/2014

“Will you run away
when you see me for me,
won’t you walk with me?”
– 05/20/2014

“There is
only one thing I know
I’ve always loved.
– today

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